This Planet is an 'Enclosed' System...


This planet is an 'enclosed' system . . . it will run out of natural resources if we do not practice renewal. We, as humans, are also an enclosed system . . . we will run out of human resources if we do not practice renewal. Learn to associate with a healthy intolerance of the ignorant habits that ignore this reality. This is an intolerance that you should welcome . . . then you become your authority; you become your living asset. Work with these stages of emotional evolution. Nearly everyone has graduated from their early infant stage of (envy with frustration). Most of the planet has also incorporated the young child's capacity of (jealousy with anger). Some more are able to conjure up the pre-pubescent response of (observation with determination). But there are so very few who have achieved their pubescent evolutionary stage of imagination combined with a curious quest. Almost no one in this world has become an adult — a true adult — using inspired purpose with absolute commitment.

These are the five stages of Human Emotional Evolution. When missing — they plague our lives . . . when present — they guide us. Being educated in these and stable in their social contribution will become a shared necessity within the new evolution.

Be a pioneer — first one on your block — become a leader who re-educates yourself. Take yourself from puberty, or whatever level you were detained at, then move along to true adulthood. You will find yourself a practitioner of real meaning — congratulations — you have become a mentor to the masses. They need it though they may object . . . it will not be easy, but it will eventually be rewarding.