This Life That You Are In Now Could Be Your Liberation


The idea of a single world in the universe is the idea of a flat earth. It's a construct of a limited mind. So just break that . . . just shatter that concepts. There are worlds upon worlds and universes upon universes. Even science is not declaring what we yogis have known forever: there is not just one universe in the four dimensions. I am not talking about other dimensional . . . we go other dimensional and we not only do not understand but we don't understand what we don't understand what we don't understand . . . It just goes beyond and beyond, in those times the Dalaï Lama says that he just wants a cup of tea and a cookie because it's way too much to deal with even in a meditative state. The karmic score locates the perfect pair that are having a good time are going to conceive. You need a body and the perfect body is provided with all of the genetic code that you require to fulfill your destiny in a single life. Don't believe for a moment that this life that you're in right now could not possibly be your liberation . . . that you could become enlightened . . . because enlightened is not a destination, it's a process. So if you're walking forward looking backwards, which means you are complaining :'' if only'', then you're not watching where you are going. You are watching were you wish you were coming from. That is the definition of a complaint. Time governs the senses, the senses measure space, in other words, the senses measure the father and react to the mother. It reminds me of a story where a little boy kept asking his dad, what about this and what about that and how this and why that and when this and when that. The father was amused but busy and so one time he said, do you ever askthese questions of your mother and the little boy says, I don't want to know that much! Who is more emotional? The man or the woman? Who is closer, men or women? The answer to both of those was women. Women are ruled by the moon, men are ruled by the sun. Our nervous systems are set up that way. The moon goes through rapid phasing. Is that based in time or space? Time. Why if the moon's gravitational field is always the same whether the sunlight is shining off it or not, does the tides become higher in the full moon? We are not talking about space . . . it's not a bigger moon, it is a brighter moon which is a construct of time. Time of a triangulation between the earth, the moon and the sun, because for the sun the moon is always full but because we're in the third position a triangulation takes place and that produces time. So it's time that actually moves the tides and those tides not only move on the planet but your body is seventy-five percent water, those tides move in your body . . . on a full moon, does it make you more or less emotional? When you have more female energy in you, are you more emotional or less emotional on a full moon? It's just because we have never learned to work with this time element and because we believe that being emotional is not a good thing. Competition is masculine, men are always competing. We are getting to a place where we are getting very spatially crowded on planet earth. The resources that we are depleting are being depleted spacially, it's a quantity that is being depleted. What if we reintroduced the time factor? What did the competitors say eight years ago when they had their energy conference about conservation? They said conservation is not on the table. Conservation is introduction of time. If you have a vehicle that gets more miles per gallon then you will use less gasoline over a period of time. The introduction of the feminine to the world run by the masculine is the only way we will survive. That means that you need to introduce into yourselves and I am speaking now to both men and women because we are all corrupted, we need to introduce to ourselves the concept of the feminine as an experience not a concept.