This is the Time to Be Blessed, to Feel Blessed and to Bless


Simply look around yourself and you can see there is the natural harmony of the elements (earth, water, fire, air and ether) always moving into alignment with each other. There is the harmony of the plants growing into adulthood around each other. There is the harmony of the animals raising their young to fulfill every evolutionary destiny. There is the harmony of the space that has been set aside for us humans to cooperate and collaborate in. This last one — the advantageous space of human cooperation — this is the one that has been ignored by the competitive industrial movement. Indigenous people know all about this advantage; they follow it with their nutrition, with their medicine, with their relationships to the Earth and to each other. They use it to fulfill their lives. This is the advantage that we ignored, undervalued and set aside — when the industrial revolution declared four hundred years ago, "we shall conquer nature." This is the same ignorance that is causing us so much trouble with pollution, corruption and disharmony at present. This is the ignorance that collapses trust in financial markets, produces diseases from our industrial inventions and uses war to search for peace.

Now is the time for people to move in tune with each other and take advantage of the advantage provided by nature, plants and animals. It is the season for people to synchronize with the world and mesh into the Divine construct. This is the time to be blessed, to feel blessed and to bless all endeavors, join forces with the creative common abundance surrounding everything and cooperate with its ventures and adventures.

In doing so, we will actually align with the nature of nature. This is the nature that prepares to fulfill every longing. This is the nature that confidently begins every preparation. This is the nature that finishes what is begun and succeed at each finish.

This is the nature of nature in the season of fulfillment. Join with it and become the most extraordinary you . . .