This is a Higher Path


Wisdom says: a debate without rebuttal demonstrates the obvious . . . when clarity is obvious, and there’s still debate, the debate is out of ignorance. Ignorance isn’t the absence of awareness, it’s ignoring it. Caring for others is a current debate of ignorance. The higher the consciousness of a species, the more it cares for the wellbeing of other members. Allowing for anything to take precedence over wellbeing of life is to ignore the value of life. There are measures of what’s always been known as ‘commons’ -- what is common to the wellbeing and best interest of life itself. Health-care and healing are compassionate gestures of one life to another life -- this qualifies it to be of common interest to life. All examples of life-forms lasting through extensive epochs of time are dominated by the individuals caring for each other as deeply as the individuals have cared for themselves. This produces a sustainable system that permeates environments -- not just neighborhoods. No life-form, anywhere on planet Earth, has “castles” for some members and ghettos for others. This is uniquely human and is an unsustainable/unevolved model. Universal models create equilibrium and stability; such models are higher and more advanced by every evolutionary standard. Any form of life that adapts universal care, finds the ultimate sustainability. This has enabled the forests of the world to survive for three hundred and seventy million years . . . one hundred times longer than humans and pre-human ancestors have lived. Forests don’t create factions, nor compete for territory; they have a fully formed value based banking systems . . . no debt; they have childcare; welfare and zero warfare . . . all formulas of universally available longevity. Life-cultures without these longevity based systems are the ‘weak-links’ in the chain of evolution. This is not ill intent, but a byproduct of zero intent, and zero intent is an infancy without maturity . . . an unsupervised house. Our prayer is that you’re an adult in this one-room schoolhouse Earth; that you promote universal care for longevity-based, sustainable environments and realize this is not a debate . . . this is a higher path.