This Food Will Become Part of You and You Will Become Part of it


'This food will become part of you and you will become part of it. Now this food is identity. Now it is between you and your identity."Yogi Bhajan

As I sat there meditating on this sentence, I thought of a friend of mine breastfeeding her baby daughter. The grace, the beauty, this sense of grandeur, of infinity that is nearly overwhelming me with love for life... the passing on of prana, the perfect union … the perfect yoga. May all children be so blessed as to have mother's milk.  Mothers who breastfeed their young ones feed them love, protection, knowledge and courage.

This most important start in life is not a choice, it is a must. If I understand Yogi Bhajan well, experiencing the safety of knowing that food is right there, always available, that one is protected and loved . . . would be the first steps into one's identity.

In my meditation, it occurred to me that making nut or seed milk is similar to breastfeeding… it is an act of love and knowledge! I first heard about the concept of a cow in the kitchen from  Danièle Starenkyj, a very inspiring woman! It made sense to me at a very young age that a calf needed what its mothers milk contained and that it was not meant for me.

I was not going to grow that big! It made sense to me that the calf stopped drinking milk when it could eat. And the same goes with humans, around the age of 2 or 3, we usually naturally stop breastfeeding. This is when we can start to enjoy almond milk, hemp milk, quinoa milk… and ice cream!

I want to share with you some delicious vegan ice cream recipes!


If you can find some lucuma powder use it if not use carob powder. Lukuma is a Peruvian fruit with a nice ''cookie-like''  flavor.

Basic recipe:

Pre-soak( 8 to 12 hrs) 8 oz of sunflower seeds

1/4 cup olive oil

4 oz fresh dates

3 oz lukuma or carob

Mix in a blender and freeze 20 minutes

Add your favorite flavor. I like cardamom (1 flat tsp) you may prefer cinnamon(1 tbsp), I once tried turmeric and pepper . . .



Mix half cashews and sesame seeds with some lukuma and matcha green tea. I do not sweeten this ice cream because I like to eat it with a few cherries and a slice of orange.

Ginger ice cream can be made with coconut milk, agave and sunflower seeds.

Written by Shant Joti. Shant Joti is a transformational life coach, healer, astrologer and expert in spiritual food and nutrition. If you would like to schedule a life-changing consultation with her, she can be reached at