The word ‘month’ comes from ‘menses’ in Old French, which comes from the Latin ‘menstrualis’ (monthly) which became the word for “sacred blood of the seed.” There are thirteen moons, or periods of “sacred blood of the seed” in every year, and -- by nature -- thirteen menstrual cycles in a woman’s year. Because of this alignment with the feminine blood, 13 is a number for the Goddess. But 13 is also a prime number, it doesn't divide except by itself and 1; it doesn't lay out in equal geometry, or fit into configurations of logical space.

The world of ancient religions, and the navigation through chronological time was a world controlled by men, and the idea that there wasn’t logic (masculinity) to it was disturbing. Twelve became the chosen number . . . it’s divisible, geometrical, and logical, and the calendar was made to have twelve months, even though the actual year has thirteen. GOD, at that very moment, became exclusively masculine, even though a man cannot actually give birth to anything. But also, because of this lack of geometrical logic, 13 has a strength that defies the weaknesses of ‘diametrical opposition’ and ‘induced resonances’ . . . dynamics that can tear moving structures apart . . . the reason soldiers break cadence when crossing a bridge. Because of this strength, there were 13 spokes in the standard wagon wheels of old, and 13 blades in the jet engines of today. And, organizations that want to show “strength” often rely on such ancient symbols. America’s founding “fathers” -- far from being fanatically religious -- were steeped in the esoteric ideas of the day. There were 13 original colonies, the flag still has 13 stripes; there are 13 steps in the pyramid of the Great Seal; the eagle has 13 tail feathers and a talon holding 13 arrows -- the other one holds an olive branch with 13 leaves, and 13 berries. Over the eagle’s head are 13 stars that form a six-pointed star.

Our prayer is that you unlock the mysteries throughout history; that you learn what’s illogically taking place in this multiverse; respect and honor the feminine magic which is more than equal to the masculine . . . and then with the greatest of enthusiasm, get very, very real.

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