These Times of Benevolent Mastery


  As a human consciousness -- powered by soul -- you use the strands of your DNA to spend a lifetime within the family you’ve incarnated through. Much like one uses a property -- a home to live in -- when you leave the property, it's up to you to leave it in a better condition than when you arrived. This is the same with your genealogy. Improving on your ancestry is up to you . . . doing serious cleaning before you leave this world. This is why it’s so ineffective to complain about family, for you cannot solve a problem by making it into a case.

The size of any problem is a factor of the perception and perspective -- which is a combination of the facts and the fiction. Just like with a small child growing into its life, you must make your world appear navigable within and without; you’re to soothe the perspectives that are present in the present, and shine the brightest light you can into your future. In this present lifetime this is up to you and never play the benevolent martyr. Don’t be here to die for your truth . . . be here to live for it. Sacrificing for truth was the image of consciousness in the mystery schools of old, but it was mostly fueled by the power brokers of whatever age was in vogue. The image for these times is that of benevolent mastery -- you’re here to live for the truth; to teach how to live honestly, and then let synchronicity combine with your purpose to create the natural inclinations of benevolence. You’ll accomplish your destiny; honor the person you were created to be with your DNA, and live as if. By using the lessons of your family, this path is revealed to your destiny with each breath.

Our prayer is that you honor your DNA -- your family -- as your home in this life; that you work to improve this property and disprove its negatives . . . not in denial, but denying the rules of inherited shortcomings, and you’ll be great through great efforts.

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