There Is a Science to Everything We Do in Yoga Class


If your arms are up in the air long enough your brain will say: put your arms down. What does it take to keep your arms up in the air with breath of fire?When you're chanting, is your brain going: let's chant a single tone for like fifteen or twenty seconds with no break. Is that what your brain loves? Your brain loves chaos. So when you chant you are actually taking away the noise making mechanism from your brain and delivering it to your voice, which sits right on top of your heart. When you choose to breathe consciously subtracting part of your subconscious brain, which exists in much of your body, you are subtracting much of its power and you are commanding . . . - co - meaning together and - man - meaning mind, you're co-minding the act of breathing. When you are consciously, cognitively breathing then you are saying, I am going to breathe at the same pace that I am moving and I am going to see these as one event. Now not only are you commanding the brain, you're commanding the union of the brain and the spirit, the breath and the body and that's yoga.