There Are Dimensions Upon Dimensions


So here you are sitting in a human life. This is not a universe -- which means one. The most phenomenal lie available, at least in this sector of the multiverse. This is a multiverse. There are universes upon universes, worlds upon worlds, dimensions upon dimensions and you think it's all about your mortgage?Wall Street, the name says it all. Now if it was wide Open Street . . . that might mean something. Why don't they just call it Boxed Inn . . . start a motel called Boxed Inn, then fool everybody in the world to think that they are going to have a good time there -- you got Wall Street. Wall Street is just one of those simplistic cartoons that everybody is looking at. Wall Street makes money out of nothing because they got there first and produced the laws that gave them the uthority. In 1900, ninety percent of the money on earth was in circulation on the streets. Ten percent was investor capital. In 2000, ninety percent of the money in the world was investor capital and ten percent was circulating on the streets. If money doesn't circulate on the streets, it doesn't buy food and if money doesn't buy food, it creates starvation. That's Wall Street. So everybody is watching the wall and nobody is taking care of the hall. This is what happens when humanity becomes unconscious. Our job, your job, is to become more conscious. The reason I produce all of these facts and metaphors is so that you can get to that place where you see differently and say: ''Wow I never thought of it that way''! . . . and it will change your life in . . . a moment.