The World "Out There" is Not Actually There


For generations, centuries and millennia, we the people of this world have shared our stories of the world — that world "out there" — the external one that appears to be other than the self. We see this as our experiences and our relationships and we all agree that it is there . . . this world "out there." We have constructed great entertaining adventures to describe this world and prejudices to differentiate ourselves from it . . . all revolving around the assumption that there is a self — and then there is a world (out there) that is other than the self. For this particular inspirational lesson - let us refer to that external-world as the "grand-other" . . . that which appears to be other than self.

What if you were to discover that the "grand-other" is not actually out there — it is not actually other than you and we have all simply lost the capacity to see our oneness, our unity . . . the absolute connection.