The World is the Reflection of your Journey; You Hear This Time and Again on the Spiritual Path


The world is the reflection of your journey; you hear this time and again on the spiritual path. What this means is that when you are in a room of people, a boardroom of associates, a train of strangers, a moment of circumstances — all are reflecting an angle of a facet of you. Could be the present you, the future you or the past you; whatever is projected is reflected at the speed of light. In life, just as in the hall of mirrors; many of the reflections may distort or magnify all or parts of the projection, but within each reflection (distorted or not) there is reality, there is clarity. The total reflection may not seem true, but it contains truth. Even when the reflection is a distortion, it is up to you to find the seeds of truth within the sea of distortion. To believe in such a dynamic law and lead your life within this phenomenon is of course a great risk; it can deeply disturb a slumbering consciousness. Remember, when nothing is ventured nothing is ever gained. Even walking is a great risk . . . it is in fact simply falling and then catching yourself from falling with each step. As a very young child you were first confronted be the risk of walking; as you decided to try it, you were filled with fear. Then you were somehow inspired to see it as a risk worth taking . . . there were sufficient rewards to be gained at the end of the walk. Now, as you walk about your days, you don't even perceive the slightest degree of the actual risk.

You won't . . . until you become very, very old and once again connect to the same risk of walking you knew as a child. The reality is that the risk was always there, it never left; you were always falling and then catching yourself from falling with each step. Your attitude simply changed; the inspiration overpowered the trepidation. Now the trepidation again catches up with the inspiration and questions it.

Losing the sense of risk is the ultimate step in any natural progression . . . when acquiring any skill, achieving any goal. The same is true in seeing the world as your own reflection, for seeing the world as your reflection is ultimately the most powerful skill you can gain. It is time to develop this same "risk-free" relationship with such a risk. This is the risk that surrounds every one of your life-goals, every one of your fondest dreams. This is the skill known as star-walking and it is only accomplished by those who are willing to pursue the inspiration in the face of tremendous trepidation. You will be given many opportunities to practice . . . take the chances you are gifted.

First: see all the risks in viewing the entire world as your reflection; do not deny any of them. Second: see the goal as absolutely worthwhile. Third: see that this risk of viewing the world as your reflection creates every fear that stands between you and your dreams. Fourth: refocus on the inspiration of the goal and slightly angle the view that sits beside the risk . . . just see it as part of the landscape . . . then a little less . . . and a little less.

The risk — just as in walking — will never go away . . . your relationship with it simply changes your attitude of which is more important, the inspiration or the trepidation.