The World is The Reflection of Your Journey


In a room full of people -- a boardroom of associates perhaps; a trainload of strangers; or a moment of circumstances -- all are reflecting an angle or facet of the 'you' in you. This could be the present you, past, or future you. In life, much like in a hall of mirrors, many of these reflections are distorted and/or magnified parts of the original projection. But, within each image, there is also a reality and clarity. The totality of the image may not be true, but within the total picture it contains 'a' truth. It's up to you to find this hidden reality within the sea of distortions.

A dynamic law such as this could disturb a slumbering consciousness into a deeper sleep, because learning any new skill often begins with the fear of failure and pain -- fear of the unknown and the unfamiliar. The rewards of learning, however, always outweigh the risks. Seeing the world as our own reflection is a skill tailor made for this path.

It is also true that our relationship with this risk changes its challenges as we progress forward in life. When we are a small child, taking our first steps is a most terrifying and challenging task . . . filled with obvious dangers like falling. Then in our adult lives the risks are often invisibly lurking in the background . . . they fill our moods and attitudes with their unknown uncertainties.

Once we have learned to perceive the world as our own reflection we are able to expose this concealment by embracing the unknown . . . we are then no longer obliged to fear them.

Persevere through your fear . . . conquer the risks and achieve a great consciousness . . . one that connects to what's around you.