The Western World


Around a hundred thousand years ago, we began to develop from a language, which had been developed before that. We began to do this in what is now known as the Western world, which was the world living in depravity from time to time. That depravity was caused by the Ice Ages that would descent onto Europe and Russia.  

The Ice Ages wiped out our food sources and we had to consume whatever was available. This is when humans began their carnivorous journey into the Western world – but, they it was not built for it. The teeth, the enamel on the teeth, nor the digestive tract were not built for it. But in time, humans adapted.


Eating blood was, in fact, eating betrayal, fear and doubt – because the animal felt betrayed in that moment, as well as fear and doubt. These very toxic sensations were introduced to the system.


Once these sensations were initiated into the system, it had to react to them – and it did so by developing a thought process that would consider a time outside the time as protection.


Everything is always about protection.