The Ultimate Goal of Evolution


The ultimate goal of evolution is to be alive in the physical body while being fully born into the spirit-body simultaneously.As the great Sikh sage and master — Guru Nanak — said, "Be dead while yet alive." In this state you are not dead physically, but you are also not controlled by the needs and wants of the physical world . . . in fact you are more fully alive than life has ever been imagined. You are highly disciplined and a shining example for others to follow.

This birthing into spirit was accomplished by all the Prophets, Avatars, Messiahs and Masters throughout history. We have created many stories about these great ones and in these stories we have declared all they accomplished to be beyond our mortal capacity . . . which it is not. Their lives were an example of what we are all capable of achieving. It is the evolution of human consciousness and the goal of all life. Now is the time to learn from their examples and continue this journey forward toward our common destiny. We are all One.