The True Now Is Fully Inclusive: The Amount of Time Is Not In The Measure, But The Quality of It


Do you manifest something by creating something? No, you manifest by accepting something that you already are that is hinted to you by your desire. Very good sincere students of ours in Toronto gave birth to a baby boy on October eleventh. Baby was born at home. They said the air was thick and I told them that a lot of angels show up for a birth, I said: You're lucky you had room to move. He told me that on the first night he obviously couldn't sleep so he meditated with the baby naked next to him naked, skin to skin. Skin to skin develops the brain faster. Imagine the innocence of a brand newborn. It's the most powerful tool there is because with that much innocence everyone serves you. They don't serve you because you're helpless. They serve you because you're innocent. There are a lot of people who are helpless but they are helpless and cynical, helpless and angry, helpless and confused . . . which is just an excuse. It's not helplessness in a newborn, it is innocence . . . and the word itself is a magical word. It means in zero sense. When you are in zero sense you are not in need of an identity. In that condition you perceive without any insecurity at all and therefore, the preference is nonexistent. The only time a preference arrives in a baby's life is when the baby's stomach goes empty. Then it would prefer its stomach full. So it uses a mantra. Ma, ma, ma like Ong namo, namo closes off the mouth and sends the column of sound down the esophagus into the belly and soothes the belly. That is why the breasts on a woman are called mammary glands. Words are important, everything is a mantra. When you are in that state of continuum, your words become as important as sensations and in that innocence your words have tremendous impact. The true now is fully inclusive. The thread of time is a single thread. Every point on the thread is this moment. We spread it out and it's up to each of us to individuate, create enemies and friends or congregate and create solutive actions. When you are in the continuum, you are at all points on the thread of time in the same moment. You sense what can be. The amount of time isn't in the measure it is in the quality of time. How much time will you invest in your sadness? When you leave here, when you leave this earth, when you leave this life, will you be grateful for the gifts you had or will you have a sensation of that which you are losing? . . . that is the difference between individuation and your eternal existence. What do you want to do? Do you want to individuate and create enemies and friends or do you want to congregate? Do you want to be a congregation in yourself, a magnet in yourself and bring everyone in? Keep your friends close and keep your enemies closer.