The Tools of Childhood


As children, clinic the tools of childhood served us well – doubt, jealousy, envy, frustration, fear, fascination, unreasonable humor and many, many others provided the illusion of security and simulated our childhood growth. As adults, however, it’s time to put away many of these tools with the exception of unreasonable humor and fascination; otherwise, the other ones will hold us back, disrupt our sacred perception of life, create disharmony amongst our peers and produce other unintended consequences. For example: Doubt serves the child to further examine and then gain understanding of the road ahead – a road that the child measures inch by inch for the purposes of negotiating with fear and affording the illusion of security. Arrogance – a tool of childhood – steps in to overcome this doubt, becomes the mover and the driver through the formative years.

As an adult – not just a chronological one but an authentic one – we are to travel through the years not inch by inch, but dream by dream, accomplishment by accomplishment. Any doubt slows this progress and becomes a blockage to the joys of progress. As a spiritually evolved adult, a path-walker as it is known to the ancients, the journey of an enlightened adult’s life is to be measured in light years. Doubt and all the other childhood tools are disastrous and virtually unusable at this rate of journey. The preferred tools of this advanced evolution are those of elegance and grace, integrity and courage – there is no place for arrogance, power struggles, deceptions caused by fear, jealousy, envy or insecurity.

By this measure, the world today appears to be primarily populated with aging, adult sized children. This is the current nature of life on our planet and it is not only the problem – it is by design. As a teacher, you must learn to work with this design, master it and become a mentor to all these adult-children. It is the role for your advanced mastery. You are not to become frustrated, hurt, disappointed or to wrestle for control – those are the tools of childhood and they won’t serve you here, but rather create struggle when dealing with the adult-childs. Instead, seeing the world as it is, become responsible, able to respond to the way it is.

Right here and now have an adult response. See the way things are in this and your world. If that means making a move to set the playing field back to level for all the adult-childs around you, don’t hesitate. Make the move! Create the time of your and their lives! Remain committed to your purpose as a leader, teacher and adult in this one-room schoolhouse Earth – the new evolutionary human consciousness.