The Time of Your Life


Time: we measure it over great distances in light-years; we measure it through tiny sequences in nano-seconds, but it's actually neither here, nor even there. It's a convenient (de-con-fusing) perspective of a single moment . . . a moment standing timelessly still, while in perpetual motion. It's said that GOD invented time so that everything doesn't happen at once, and she invented space so that it doesn't all happen to you . . . that said, it actually is all happening at once -- and it is all happening to you. According to Einsteinian physics, time is space, playing and reflecting off itself as a space in motion through various points and angles of perception that are standing still right here . . . right now. It's a variety of perspectives within the same moment, strung together to create the appearance of motion. Great ideas dance in this stillness around your Earthly atmosphere, waiting for the angles of your dance, and the angles of collective perception to coincide. You see -- everything is actually a "co . . . incident" -- many things happening at the same moment, but viewed through individual and apparently separate angles. 'Creative-minds' -- with the courage to manifest their dreams -- consider every obstacle as a propellant within these fantastic realities. They chant the mantra "Keep Up" and they are kept up until the outcome comes. Like a massive game of cosmic gyroscopic-roulette, the wheels of time and wheels of perception counter rotate through endless gyrations, waiting for you to rest in the pocket of your gratitude. A wise dancing master once said, "Everybody wants change, but they just don't want it to be different." Our prayer is that you welcome the constant change; find comfort in your creative perception; embrace the dance and have the time of your life, believing in the value of your differences and thriving in it all right here . . . right now.