The Time is Now, Fine Tune Yourself


Mars is ready to engage each of us individually as his partner Mercury slows down to look back and prepares to go retrograde. Pluto on his end is taking firm steps, still transiting Capricorn after 8 years, working to bring the past to an end by the time he enters Aquarius in a not so far future. . . mainly that Neptune is accentuating the NOW of all times! Mercury retrograde has in mind to use Mars to defend our rights to the Truth. In order to benefit from this Truth that we all want, we will face our own knowledge of the mental laziness to stay as we are . . . waiting for events to change instead of getting out of the hypocritical way we learned to live. Let’s face it, the great people who refused that lifestyle spoke truth that waked us up, great men and women . . . some paid with their lives for this, let it not be in vain.  We cannot maintain a socially acceptable level of integrity and press down on our heart's deeper calling. We need to be able to develop the skills to live our truth.  We all want peace but we all pay through the teeth to support wars… we all want beauty in the world but we all wear cosmetics that tortures zillions of little rabbits year after year… we all want good food but we support the biggest destroyer of the planet … Time to get real. WE will have to reassess who beneficiate from this hypocrisy that we pretend to not use. Who suffers from it? Our children.

We, from the “powerful countries” do not like to be pushed around or be called upon our faults… we are good people. The point is, we have to be better, much much better human beings.

Neptune usually gets us out of the trouble Mars (our little ego defending our everyday little mishaps) generates . . . but this is not the case with this Mercury retrograde. Neptune cannot say: forgive yourself… be kind on yourself… because Mercury say: Open your eyes, see, look, get that mask off your face! Neptune will kindly support you through the process. The photo clearly shows Neptune’s attributes. Flexibility . . . be flexible with what is going on outside, things that you cannot change. Firm spiritual direction: use your courage to face up to what you could do that you are not doing and change what you can change. Neptune is a collective planet, get together and meditate on the waves going forward towards the highest human values. Use Mars' energy to participate actively.

With the eclipse coming on the 8th anything can happen, Uranus is still in the picture, he shows up quickly but you can’t miss it. On the second eclipse on the 23rd you can refer to the one in October 1995 as a continuing energy.

We will develop the skills we need to get together as a movement for truth when we will start to BE true. If we wait for outside events, they will happen but remember Senecca’s famous quote “The willing, Destiny guides them; the unwilling, destiny drags them”.

The celestial orchestra is playing, fine tune yourself. Check out your values (Neptune) raise them up and live up to them.

Shant Joti (Joceline Marechal) astrologer, writer healer and life coach. For services: