The Three Personas


Every human being has the opportunity to be one of three personas: a “Placeholder,” an “Experiencer” or a “Phenomenon.” A “Placeholder” is one who remains the same throughout time, masquerading as stability. It wants to conserve what already is and is fearful of change. A Placeholder maintains the stagnation where fearfulness gathers.

An “Experiencer,” on the other hand, is one who insists on writing new chapters in the book of life. There is a sense of adventure with an experience of growth, and very little stagnation.

Lastly, being a “Phenomenon” is a rare opportunity to use your wings of absolute relentless courage. To constantly write new chapters, and even produce an entirely new book. This is a one in a million opportunity, and it brings about a “quickening” – advancing evolution itself.

Our history if filled with these tales – when the path of evolution takes a profound leap forward. Those who bring these are rarely – if ever – accepted during their lifetime. This tends to discourage these actions and it becomes a lonely and challenging path. The only way to overcome this challenge is to create a strong relationship with the center of the Cosmos.

This is what needs to change. We must recognize the beauty of our phenomenal brothers and sisters. We must be flexible to accept them while they are alive, welcome their leap of faith and limitless growth while it is happening.

Furthermore, we must ignite this tendency within ourselves. Every single one of us has the power to turn our lives into a source of phenomenon.