The Terrible Two's


There’s a time, in the life of every child, known to parents as "the terrible two's." The reality of this time has been in the minds and teachings of the great intuitive masters for thousands of years . . . all in their understanding of evolution. Human consciousness begins to assert it's independence at two years old; it does this in order to experience the nature of separation from everything. In separating from everything outside of itself, it begins to establish a connection and perception of itself . . . the individual self. The mantra of this time period for the child is "NO" . . . in all of the many forms it can take on and it’s important to allow this behavior. By stretching assertively into this position, the child takes the next ten years to develop a clear understanding of their individual identity. Then at twelve years old it's time to relate to infinity . . . the first step is to enter the imagination and a quest for unknown adventures. But in today’s world these “terrible two's” seem to be lasting the entire lifetime, and the reason is -- the imagination and quest are not the primary encouragement with teenagers. When the child reaches twelve, the world of marketing attacks their imagination with images of self-doubt. This encouraged self-doubt leads to insecurity; insecurity leads to consumerism, and this is a huge mistake. Targeting this vulnerable population to make sales, ultimately neglects their destiny of talents. Instead of fulfilling these talents and their life, the young individuals are taught to purchase temporary solutions and dedicate life to work and pay. Work that lacks fulfillment locks the terrible two’s into the lifetime with countless other addictive side effects. Our prayer is that you’re doing something about this; that with every chance you get you encourage youth to realize every possible talent; that the young are not met with instructions to get real and get busy, but are encouraged to get imaginary and use this imagination to fulfill their destiny. Then the terrible two’s will become an extraordinary life, and the solutions for many of the world's challenges will be invented out of "thin air" . . . that's imagination.