The Stage of the Heart (Part I)


Three hundred years ago, Guru Gobind Singh, a great master and the 10th Guru of the Sikhs, said: “If you want to walk on the path of love, place your head in your hands and walk with the courage of your heart.” This describes the most conscious stage of total commitment. This is the stage of the conscious adult and it is a stage of the heart.

Likewise, if you’re on this path of compassionate consciousness, don’t get caught up in the nets of doubt. These nets aren’t real; doubt comes up in developmental stages as avoidance. As a courageous, compassionate adult you’re riding on an unbridled and unsaddled horse in the midst of an unproven purpose. With your doubt, you are asking for more proof, testing to see if your purpose is real or even possible. This proof as a means of overriding your doubt will not take place. True purpose must be an intentional step of pure faith. Just like love, and just like commitment – none of these, not your faith, not your love and definitely not your commitment can use guarantees to prove their value. Nothing other than you, as you, can ever provide for these moments of mastery.

Never wait for anyone to test or prove your purpose to know that it’s safe, secure and successful. You’ll end up dragging this net of doubt through the world as a symbol of great effort, but it isn’t. You talk about the fantasy of your purpose, but fear to walk upon it. This is a person stuck at the stage of development that appears to be an adult by value of age, body size, and other but is still a child. This adult-child stage is required; we all pass through it on the path from spiritual beginning toward ultimate mastery. This is a stage to pass through but not to live in.

Knowing that this path of mastery, self-realization and liberation is going to be a very wild ride, you might pause and avoid the ride with your doubt. You’re the adult-child. You require more baking in the oven of time. This is not a bad pause or an unwanted stage. Use this time to practice on the details in order to perfect them. It can last for a very long time, consuming your entire life if you allow it. Use this time as a tool, but do not setup camp here and make it your life.