The Sound of Light


The sound of light was the first manifestation of matter from the infinite void. From the stones of space comes life. Scriptures call this "The Word" . . . "In the beginning was "The Word." Science calls this the "Big Bang." This sound of light contains information and processes it without bias. It's the human reactions with all their translations, interpretations and conclusions that contain the bias; the agendas, and preferences. Preferences are the desires that separate you from your presence. Most people live in the spacetime between their presence and their preference. This is realm of all the differences . . . filled with the sensations of tension, pressure, stress and friction. However, the longer you allow the information that surrounds you to remain as pure light-sound, the more intuitive and effective your conclusions will be . . . the more presence you will present. This is the realm of what the masters and mystics called the "infinite stranger" . . . the version of your 'self' that has no agenda other than the benefit for all life. This "infinite stranger" sits at the heart of every soul-body and awaits the re-introduction through your loving kindness. You were all well aware of this presence in your presence in between your incarnations. In the early moments of your life on Earth, this "infinite stranger" is your constant companion. This vast presence is in the fullness of the 'information' that surrounds you; always waiting in the sound of light; always hidden from the bias in your sensory version of the three dimensions; always absent from the fourth dimensional schedules of your busy time. This presence of you -- this infinite version of you -- this hologram of the total -- is only available in your meditative mind . . . the one that has no preference other than your presence. Our prayer is that you open the lens of your awareness; that you take in your essence and make it your presence; that you meditate to expand your intuition beyond five senses, and live in this world as the gift of your "infinite stranger" . . . strong, clear, compassionate and benevolent.