The Solution is in the Problem


If big capital is a problem -- it's also a solution; if corporations are a problem -- they're also the solution . . . everything has the polarity of itself, existing directly beside itself. This isn’t currently practiced, but you’re entering a new era of revelation and solution . . . a time of re-evolution that peeks through cracks in the fabric of time. Solutions to problems are found in these cracks that have been invisible. The best time to touch this alternate reality are the hours just before the rise of the sun. This darkness before the dawn is a time of infrared sunlight. This ‘long-wave’ light stimulates the ‘theta-waves’ -- the ‘dreamtime’ and ‘deep-meditation’ waves of the human brain. They coordinate with each other in imaginative ways, but once daylight arrives, it illuminates three dimensional matter and eliminates imagination. The brain further distorts these so-called “real” images with the fourth dimensional thoughts and feelings of time. The ‘dreamtime’ and ‘deep-meditation’ time are not limited to this so-called “reality” . . . they imagine beyond it where the solutions live. The evening used to also reflect this greater dimensional realm. It was rich with dancing shadows of fire and candlelight, and did this for hundreds of thousands of years since fire was first used . . . one-and-three-quarter million years ago. The human psyche molded these shadows into an imagination of evolution. The present world of incandescent lighting has changed these angles and screens of viewing. Elimination of the dancing shadows on the outside, has placed fixed shadows inside the mind . . . blaming others is the emotional reaction. In the softness of firelight there is no blame, just a deeper search for meaning in the images. Blaming is shallow -- it eliminates this imagery, and the solutions. Our prayer is that you spend more time in the soft candlelight of evening’s imagination; that you spend more time in the pre-dawn infrared intuition; that you discover the solutions which have never been imagined, and promote loving kindness throughout the sunlight each day.