The Science of Creation


Ancient source-seers spoke of primal memory being levels of awareness within layers of the 'brain-mind' relation . . . they defined this as the ‘nine’ aspects, ‘twenty-seven’ projections, and ‘eighty-one’ facets of the mind. They mapped the correlations, and understood there were patterns of rhythms and pulsations connecting the brain’s activity to a mind structure that could be accessed for developing insight, intuition and creation through meditation. They knew from their experiences that the future does not unfold from the past, but is from the future itself . . . which is always present. These teachings are parallel to the new scientific data that finds human memory increases with particular oscillations -- rhythms in the brain -- called ‘theta’ oscillations. During this state, the brain cells synchronize their active memory; there's a measurable rhythm of around seven cycles per second, and it’s the phase during which dreams take place. The same oscillation rate of the brain is also reached in deep meditation. The brain uses this phase for settling into and working with its relationship to new memories . . . even memories of the future. This is why some of your dreams are prophetic . . . you're able to experience beyond three and four dimensions where all time is one moment . . . there’s no sequence. The source-seers taught that when you access this field -- in dreamtime, or deep meditation -- you can manifest and/or unmanifest. This is where consistency, discipline, and openess come into play. Openness allows a moment to take on its own form; consistency shows how to connect with this form, and discipline can then be used to maintain, or change the form with higher guidance. This is the science of creation. It's most easily accessed in the early morning (ambrosial) hours when there's no interference. Our prayer is that you use your brain-mind to create the future . . . not just to remember the past; that you awaken in the ambrosial hours, meditate and dream a momentous world into the moment . . . from the future . . . stimulated by the past . . . not controlled by it. Dream deep . . . co-create moments that are great for everyone.