The Purpose of Spiritual Discipline


When the sun sets in the evening, it’s rising somewhere else; when the doors close on your plans, they’re opening other aspects; whenever you’re at a loss for words, awaken new perspectives . . . listen deeply to the silence. In the structural wilderness of the material universe, this is known to the mystics and the masters as the ‘reverberating wholeness’ . . . the marriage amongst all things. This is known to traditional science as the third law of Newtonian physics. It works perfectly until things get very small . . . until they enter the tiny world of the sub-sub-sub atomic. At that level, where all space and time unfold from the same source, there’s not only an equal reaction for every action, but there are multiple locations of the identical action within the very same moment . . . the actions of the future are already occurring in the present and the past. This is the world of miracles and crystal clear intuition. The mystics and masters refer to this as the ‘fifth, sixth and seventh dimensions’ and beyond -- where all time is a single moment of no duration; all space is within a single point of no measure; every question is linked to its answer; each problem contains its solution. This is pre-position of origins and the access to all that is unfolding . . . where your meditations are their richest, and your prayers their most powerful. From doing yoga, when your body becomes totally relaxed; from chanting, where your mind completely calms; from your daily practice, where you balance within equilibrium . . . from all of this activity, eventually you achieve access to the completely inactive source of right action . . . of success. This is the purpose of spiritual discipline, and there are times when you’re aware of progress, and many times when you must operate on pure faith . . . both are of great benefit. Our prayer is that you practice your practice when you experience benefit, and when you do not; that you use kindness in the presence of opposition, and gratitude in its absence; that you look for the miracles within the midst of each moment, and know that you’re close to the source when you’re feeling the most lost . . . your time is just now coming.