The Purpose of a Teacher


Life is always a threat and because life is always so threatened you feel that you need to dominate. But others actually trust and because they trust . . . they trust almost everything. Each of us falls into a particular category and each of us applies our concentration on something that we actually believe is our purpose. Whether or not you are trusting in a purpose is going to be dependent upon where you are located in the spectrum of infinite outside, infinite inside. I have a guitar that I travel with. When I can't carry the big guitar and I carry a baby Taylor that is like a downsized guitar. So because the whole guitar neck is downsized any slight variation, any tuning and any slight bumping . . . this guitar goes way out of tune because the ratio of the change is a larger portion of the total because the total is shorter so the small variations make a greater portion of the total. Now, look at your situation.: your strings going infinitely external is the illusion of the world outside of you and your strings infinitely internal is the illusion of the world inside you . . . which you have to be in the center of . . . That is a very long neck and because of that you can be way off base for decades or even lifetimes and never come to the conclusion that anything is off base, that is where the hitch is. That is why spiritual discipline is so absolutely essential for those who want to make progress. It's really time for us to awaken each day and align our Self in that full spectrum from the infinite external to the infinite internal and tune the strings of our life so that when we can play those chords that we know so well, we beginning to learn how to form those chords. You can form perfect chords on strings that are out of tune and it's not going to be a perfect song. It will be just a bunch of noise. So each day you have to tune your instrument. You have to tune yourself so that you are on purpose . . . so that you are right on purpose. This is literally what you need to do with your life. You tune a string against another string that you know is already in tune. That is the purpose of a teacher. You tune yourself against the tone of the teacher. People in the east know what that means because they were raised in what I call humaniteria; barbarians don't know what that means. It means that you start to argue that your tone is correct and you begin to have a falling out with a teacher. In the west, in this kind of environment, the teacher is not a person but the teacher is a system and the last thing you want to do is argue against that tone. So in your life when you begin to argue with that which you used to have great faith in, you're the one that is out of tune. Is is the same for a marriage. When you begin to despise the one that you said forever to, you're the one that's out of tune.