The Purpose is to Experience (Part I)


Think of the fact that the main purpose in life is to actually experience the experience you are having. To live the life you are living and comprehend all of the sensations that are taking place. All of the signals and all of the clues, using all of the biological, experiential, visceral, emotional and psychological capacities. This is a long way off from what we are doing in this world at this moment in time. But, we are entering into an era of re-evolution where all the limited horizons, the restricted views, the simpler explanations that have served us in the past will no longer be sufficient to move us forward. We cannot go about life remaining in a safe zone, viewing the world and experiencing it through the same old filters. These ways we have always known will continue the same predictable ups and downs and the familiarity will give us the illusion of safety. But we have reached the end of this road – this is becoming more and more obvious.

Life is inviting us to take this moment in time, engage a brand new opportunity. Take a risk that has never been taken; initiate the process of altering our perceptions to see more clearly how things actually are. We are to begin the elimination of all the familiar filters, the ones that only show us what we already know. We are to take this moment and learn something new from the broader horizons and expanded views of the infinite multi-verse. We are to build a new set of explanations to account for what we are already experiencing. This is the time that is upon us for the old ways are tired and worn out. The further you move away from the purity of being and into the need for a witness, or to be witnessed, the more you must justify and the more you must employ the intellect to explain what you are experiencing. You are then not living the experience of life, but witnessing the concept of life. This will naturally and eventually turn into pain and the purpose of life then becomes the avoidance of pain. We have been involved with this dilemma for many thousands of years. It is life based on conclusions drawn from bias. Life has become a struggle to reduce pain, to engage in alternative witnessing. Life has become the filling of time with the explanations of the justifications of the condemnations of the pain.