The Power And Miracle Of The Human Mind


Establish your passions on a day-to-day basis. Anything that you attach consciousness and passions to will manifest. It is a power and a miracle of the human being to actually be human – the light in the mind has power that no other creature has. It is our advantage in a world of disadvantages. There are two directions of working consciousness into this equation of manifestation:

1) Create horizons.

2) Create focal points.

Horizons cast and open nets of the mind to wander, wonder and gather ideas and prospects.

Focal points draw in this net of perception around what is present, to determine what is appropriate for any given moment in life.

During meditations, the direction of the eyes is important. When you meditate on your third eye point you create horizons; when you meditate on the tip of your nose, you create a focal point.

Make use of meditation in this way.