The Placeholder, Experiencer and Phenomenon


Every person has the opportunity to be one of three personas in life – the Placeholder, Experiencer and Phenomenon. A Placeholder remains on the same page of the book of life throughout the days, weeks, months and years and specializes in this status masquerading as stability. Called conservative, it attempts to conserve what already is, and is fearful of most growth into areas that are new. It claims that it desires change, but it does not want things to be different. A Placeholder also maintains the stagnation where fearfulness gathers.

An Experiencer emphasizes writing new chapters in the book of life – working with the new, but ever mindful of the shoreline and rarely moving too far beyond the horizon. There is a sense of adventure with an experience of growth, and this is a good thing. An Experiencer will write brand new chapters as the life gently progresses and there is very little stagnation.

Being a Phenomenon is a rare opportunity to use your wings of absolute relentless courage. A Phenomenon will constantly write new chapters and even produce an entirely new book. When a person has this special ability to write a new book, they are one in a million. They bring about a ‘quickening,’ advancing evolution itself. Our history is filled with tales of such quickenings, when the path of evolution takes a profound leap forward they form the core of the renaissance. Those who bring these about are rarely, if ever, accepted during their lifetimes. This wholesale rejection tends to discourage these actions, for this becomes a lonely and challenging path. The only way to cover this challenge is that the phenomenal person creates a strong relationship with the center of the Cosmos.

This is what we need to change in this new era of the new evolution. We must publically recognize the outrageous beauty of our phenomenal brothers and sisters who have this much courage. We must be flexible to accept them and do so while they are alive.

We must welcome their enormous leap of faith and limitless growth while it is happening. Furthermore, we must courageously ignite this tendency within ourselves. Every one of us has the power to turn our lives into a source of phenomenon. Now is a time, Earth requires this great change. Bless you today with this courageous effort for tomorrow.