The Place


As humans we believe that when we move from place to place, that these are all different experiences. However, the reality is that our experiences are actually traveling with us. This is what is known as Place (capitalized for distinction). Place is, in fact, a complex equation carried within the electro-magnetic field that surrounds you, known as the Aura. This is a filter of your input and output, and it is constructed by four facets of your human being: Feelings, Perceptions, Pace and Place. Each is constructed over tremendous amounts of time.

The inner voice traveling with you is far more present than your environmental shift. You will continue to experience of the noisy traffic you left outside until they face from your memory and are replaced.

In order to change the foundation of “Place” you must transform the inner codes, work on the inner constructs of your Feelings, the inner constructs of your Perceptions, and the inner constructs of your Pacing. Changing your surroundings alone will change very little.