The Pine Tree


We are all approaching mastery because of who we are, who we have been and who we are to be. But there is a lot of resistance to our mastery…and that's a good thing. The resistance causes us to strengthen our resolve, so that we don't collapse once the pressures of time and space comes upon us. A pine tree must break apart rocks with its incredible root system. It also sheds its pine needles (which are mostly acid) and when the rain comes down they help dissolve the hard stone beneath it.  Think back to when that mighty pine tree was just a little seedling. All of a sudden moisture causes it to germinate and it’s terribly scared because it can’t remain sheltered and small forever. It must relinquish its current home. There is a part of us too that knows if we break the surface of our consciousness, we can never go back to that small and sheltered state. We know that as we break the surface we can never return to ignorance. That is a scary concept. So we say, “I’m going to dance below the surface and make believe I’m going through the surface and nobody will know the difference.” We are blessed if we are denied that luxury at some point along the way. Low and behold we break the surface and we see the sunlight for the first time. Let us develop into our consciousness by having a portion of our being that grows toward the light and gives us loftiness and a portion that grows away from the light to give us deep roots. Let us be flexible and innovative to shed what we need to advance ourselves. We are to achieve our spiritual awakening while fully engaging in a totally balanced way.