The Passage of Time (Part II)


Every human has the inherent capacity to perceive and interpret time this way. However, most haven’t activated the “equipment” yet. The world at large discredits such attempts to engage this view by branding it as weird, crazy or dreaming. This way of viewing life and the world is a human skill that can be activated and highly trained. Commitment is one of the most powerful tools in your human inventory. It overrides impulse and places control of your experience back in your hands. Commitment is one of the many pathways to the power of intuition; a perfect way to embrace and comprehend the ‘passage of time’ to guide your life toward your goals.

An extremely practical method of discovering, strengthening and tuning up your commitment is through yoga, meditation and chanting. Kundalini yoga stretches you into your body glove to remove the emotional distractions and physical discomforts. Meditation and chanting clear the brain of its chatter and enable clarity to flourish. Tuning this human instrument on a daily basis presents you with the joy of knowing that you actually know. This is at the very root of the power of intuition.