The Parts of Ourselves we Have Ignored for Lifetimes


Family, loved ones and close associates will present us with the parts of ourselves that we have stumbled over, ignored and avoided for lifetimes. This is a great part of family's responsibility and can make them — at times — the most irritating of all associations, the most challenging of all relationships, but also the most important ones to learn from. It is as if everyone in your "grand-other" is a blank screen. We are projecting onto them — then receiving images back. Some events, instead of being a blank screen are like a black hole . . . no matter how much light you shine, it's absorbed and disappears. These are the most challenging of all relations . . . these are the hardest lessons to learn.

Create a meditative and contemplative routine on a daily, weekly, monthly basis — one that establishes consistently, emotionally and psychologically — a view of the "grand-other" as being you, a facet of you. This is the true relationship . . . this is a human being — being humane. It honors your highest self.