The Outlaw's Responsibility


Vastu Shastra -- the science of sacred architecture -- the relationship of space upon space in the most benevolent way. It’s the relationships throughout all nature and throughout all evolution in history. This is the proprioception of the cosmos, the placement of all things in their third dimensional space. Since time -- as the fourth dimension -- is simply the third dimension moving through a point of reference, Vastu Shastra is also the relationships of time within time. And although there’s a base-point, there are no hard and fast rules . . . when you break the laws of time, you shift the nature of space. Today the laws of time are cloaked and masked in the illusions of money. It’s an illusion because there's no intrinsic value . . . its value is an opinion that shifts from moment to moment. Vastu Shastra, as the placement of time, is a guide to riding the waves of time in space . . . waves soaring throughout the Universe, Megaverse and Multiverse at the level of three and four dimensions. Vastu Shastra, however, explores all the rules contained in dimensions far beyond these three and four that seem to control life at this moment. When you ride the waves of spacetime at the position of balance -- the top of the wave -- and you do this for long enough in the depths of your meditations, you begin to capture a sense of that which is beyond . . . you begin to have that proprioception perception . . . the knowing without reasons for knowing. This is breaking the “laws” of logic . . . from where the word came. This is your inherent ability of turning the tensions, pressures, stresses, and frictions at this level, into the fuels that carry you to the next level. This is the mastery you were born to achieve, and this breaks all the laws of spacetime . . . you are truly and ‘outlaw’ . . . you’re living outside the limits of ‘law-gic’.

Our prayer is that you take on this outlaw’s responsibility . . . this ‘ability-to-respond’ to the needs of this age; that you learn what you can’t imagine, and accomplish what you can’t conceive of. This is a hunch, a glint from the way-back of your mind. This is you . . . the devotee of forever . . . the outlaw that sets life free.

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