The Origin of the Universe


A sage was once asked how the world came into being. The saintly sage responded that God got bored. In the vast nothing of the void, in the perfection of its totality, the boredom in the monotony was immense. It was in that moment of moment, and this is actually scientific, in that moment of boredom that an urge occurred. A very fundamental urge, an urge that isn't even capable of being observed. The reason the atomic bomb is so much more powerful than a molecular bomb is because it is created by the interaction of subatomic particles. Each time you go from molecules to atoms, from atoms to subatomic particles, from subatomic particles to sub-subatomic particles the difference in the power is astronomical. This urge was at the foundation of all essence. It was so many levels below atoms because there were no atoms at the moment so the explosion that took place in this shift of consciousness is what is today called the Big Bang.

They know that in an atomic explosion, not only is a molecular level and an atomic level destroyed but there are other things that are produced. Radioactivity is a production of the atomic level and radioactivity is a wave form. It's not a healthy wave form for this realm of existence but at another realm of existence it could be a creative wave form. Everything in the material universe is equal and opposite. That Big Bang occurred and although we don’t know exactly when it occurred, we are certain that life was formed and evolved with the goal of developing a vessel that the fractured soul could occupy in order to reunify with Paramatma, the over-soul. Atma is the individuated soul that occupies your vessel.