The Only Constant Guarantee is Change - Allow It To Take Place


Some claim that they are not just attached to some old methodology . . . an old ideology or an old perspective but who haven't actually grown into this moment. That is where the pinch is between those who are holding on for dear life and those who want to catch up with present moment. It's happening culturally, it's happening politically, it's happening in religions, it's happening everywhere. The only consistent guarantee is change and if you don't allow that to take place you will become stressed . . . more with tension, more with friction, more with pressure and you will feel it physically, then, you will feel it emotionally and you will feel it mentally until at some point your construct breaks down. When your construct breaks down you have what is known as a nervous breakdown. A nervous breakdown isn't an actual event. It's just the inability of your wires, the nervous in your neurology, the neurons in your central nervous system to connect with what they recognize as familiar. When they can't connect with what they know as familiar it is either going to be a moment of rejoicing or of complete and total rejection. It's like driving down the streets and not being able to find where you need to go. You can either accept this as an opportunity to see more new and interesting places and say: ''This is kind of fun'' until I find out where you are and then it won't be fun . . . it will just be familiar or you can completely numb yourself. You can numb yourself with panic or you can really numb yourself by disconnecting from the event that is happening. It's like you had a can of black spray paint and painted all your windows and then, just kept driving and pretended you knew where you were. These are the options that are being taken in today's world: We have those who are celebrating the opportunity for a new event, mostly those are very young children or very old people. Celebrate the newness of today because today has never existed. See it as an opportunity. If you carry too much baggage into today from yesterday, it may not fit. If it doesn't fit, what's taking place in today will be interrupted. If you have the others in your world . . . those who are acting poorly, look at it from a different perspective. You can't get anything outside of you to change because it's a reflection of what's taking place inside of you. So if they're acting poorly, change your perspective.