The New Magi


This world is entering a new era -- all of the human roles and relationships are changing. Some will react by reaching back for older known ways with extreme nationalism; fanatic religious attitudes; phobias beyond imagination, and become violent as this birthing/dying takes place. Yet there are newer roles to be worked into these times . . . the magi, achemists, prophets, and saviors. The ‘alchemist’ turns these moments of potential ‘steel-hardened' violence into ‘golden’ opportunities of progress. These are your roles -- no matter what else you're doing as profession, you are also a ‘magi’ -- alchemist -- prophet -- savior. Such a grand responsibility in this time of human disability. As a ‘magi’ you know that moments are the result of decisions and reactions; every decision and reaction is the result of opinions and ideas, and ideas and opinions aren't all realities . . . they're bonded perspectives of angles bound up in emotions. The ancient statement, "I am" breaks this bond, yet "I am who I am that is that," also raises the question . . . who is "that"?

Emotional stagnation is heavy right now. It shows up as “that”, and wants to blame all others who aren't "that". The loudest amongst those who blame become the leaders -- but they never lead -- they squander life. This is the exact insecurity of these times . . . this urge to blame. When there's a need to blame, there's an ignorance of cause. But that so-called "wrong thing" -- the one being blamed for not being "that" -- isn't wrong, it's just different, and the cause of connection has been lost. The moment that blame get's involved, defenses get involved, and blame neither discovers the cause of the differences, nor corrects the defenses. This is where your role comes in. This is the place for alchemy and magic . . . finding the gold amongst the steel-hardened polarities, and avoiding the violence.


Our prayer is that you accept your super-position as 'magi' in this new world; that you realize everything is changing, and there’s no authority beyond yours here on Earth; that you're ready and willing to step onto this stage and create prophetic magic in place of the pathetic and the tragic.

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