The New Evolution is a Wave We are to Ride

Over the last hundred thousand years, the human brain has been developing an ever more elaborate capacity of conceptualizing. But, this has been both a blessing and a curse.  By creating concepts, and then living in these concepts, we have moved from existing in the moment to existing exclusively in the past or in the future. This has led to our obsession with pleasure, which in turn delivers its equal and opposite amount of pain. The Buddha said it best, “there is no pain in the present moment. There is only pain in the memory of the past or in the anticipation of the future.” Physical, emotional or mental pain are all the same event . . . just different levels of memory or anticipation.

It has been one hundred thousand years of losing our connectivity to the moment and to each other. We only experience a connection to our experience when we are present in the moment. Therefore we have vacated this moment and the reality that it brings to life.

Over these same millennia yogis have been mastering myriads of techniques to use the highly evolved physical human instrument to connect with each other and with the Divine. This has been progressing in earnest for over forty thousand years. Yogis have used the positive parts of concept and refused to be consumed by the obsessive negatives.

That obsessing is what is currently driving humanity. The failed attempt to connect to the incredibly vast human intelligence hides behind religious, national, cultural and political obsessing. The separation created over this period, along with the disconnection and manipulation, have led to our wars which are more numerous and destructive than ever.

The human purpose is to unite the individuated consciousness with the infinite consciousness. That is the next evolution . . . that is the wave we are to ride. Step out of the line and make the difference you want to experience in the world.