The New Evolution


The current evolution has been developing the ability of sensory perception for protection, in order to survive long enough to grow, develop and prosper. These senses are all keyed to protect and advance the individual on a physical level, but have little to do with emotional development. This inclination towards physical protection without emotional fulfillment leads to the problems we see today. Human beings are so capable of fighting each other, seeing one another as threats to be eliminated rather than friends and comrades.

This is why we need a new direction, a new evolution. The goal will be connection, which will prove to be uncomfortable after so many years of chasing safety through protection. But in this new order it is only the connection, heart-to-heart, that can keep us safe. Mutual well-being is the new survival.

But, even though we have an intellectual understanding and can fathom being associated with strangers, we are still driven by instinct, honed over millions of years for the purpose of protection. This kind of thinking is programmed in the collective conscious.

Changing this is going to require a major shift. Cultures will be redefined, people will rebel. Feeling unsafe will become the common experience and we will depend on our compassion.

In this movement you can be a leader. Do not push it, let the wave of compassionate timespace carry us all.