The Most Absurd Circumstance Would Be Your Disregard For Your Promises


There is only seven billion gifts on this earth . . . human lives . . . are you going to spend time arguing with one or two? You are one of the gifted ones. You are going to worry if you have enough cash at the end of a thirty day cycle? What could we compare that to? What would be ridiculous enough to compare your fear to? What is the most absurd circumstance you can think of? That's your doubt, your fear, your worry, your concern, your disregard for your promises . . . genetic promises, emotional promises, psychological promises and spiritual promises. Can I paint a stupid enough picture so that you finally say: oh my God, that makes sense! Not just to say it . . . but to actually change your existence . . . change your daily routine because of it. The assault began when you were first born. All of you ladies who are here from the middle east, you have a middle eastern female model. All of you men who were born in the west you got this tough macho model and all of humanity that was born on the earth by today's date has the blood in the teeth model, the carnivores model of completely destroying your existence based on the fear the betrayal and the abandonment that you were consuming.