The Miracle in the Colors


Did you ever look at a garden and realize that every color, in every flower, was made up from just dirt? No matter how intricate the color is, the only thing that creates that color is the dirt at the root and some water; the rest comes from the instructions in the DNA. All life is exactly like this, whether it’s the life of a plant with a flower, or the life of you with your friends -- there’s nothing in you except dirt and water . . . oh yes, and some fire, air and ether in order to stay alive. The only thing that actually makes any difference from you to your friends; from you to the flowers in your garden, to your cat, your dog, or anything, is the programming in your DNA . . . everything else is just dirt. Now look at the differences in DNA and you find that a fruit fly shares 60% of your DNA (your genetic instructions); the mouse shares 75%, and chimpanzees share nearly 99% of exactly what makes up the physical part of you. What you’re looking at here is, the only difference between one physical life-form to the next, is the genetic instructions . . . these instructions are the DNA. The majority of life is directed and functioning under the exact orders of these instructions . . . how much of your life is genetic instruction and how much is choice, will depend on how conscious you are within each moment. The greater your consciousness, the more freedom you have to act on your choices. With this freedom you can choose to live at your center-point, or in your reactions. The closer you live to your center-point, the more you experience the nature of this center-point -- which is physical ease, emotional joy, mental knowing, and spiritual liberation. These are the natures that actively exist at the center-point of all life -- plants and animals live here . . . what humans require to live at this point is an elevated level of consciousness. Our prayer is that you recognize the miracle in the colors of a flower; that you see the direct connection between these colors and the joys in your life; that you strive to be deeply connected and conscious of all life, and celebrate this freedom with the colors of your dreams.