The Mantra (Part II)


The further you move away from the purity of being and into the need for a witness, or to be witnessed, the more you must justify and the more you must employ the intellect to explain what you are experiencing. You are then not living the experience of life, but witnessing the concept of life. This will naturally and eventually turn into pain and the purpose of life then becomes the avoidance of pain. We have been involved with this dilemma for many thousands of years. It is life based on conclusions drawn from bias. Life has become a struggle to reduce pain, to engage in alternative witnessing. Life has become the filling of time with the explanations of the justifications of the condemnations of the pain. Life becomes unsafe in this myriad of actions, distractions and reactions. Purpose becomes the need to guarantee safety. An unfulfilled and unfulfillable constant companion. In this endless cycle of pain and pleasure, pleasure to pain, the emphasis searches for a witness to witness the experience that is not being experienced. The riddle is unsolvable.

Your task is to cast this cycle into a black hole. Every galaxy has one. Dive into the experience of your human experience and become the Soul having a human experience while being humane. Be the experience itself and your birthright of happiness will appear as if it were there all along. Because it has been, it is the cosmic law of timespace, it is the nature of nature. Happiness is the experience of life experiencing life.

Have you not had these moments? Sensed the faint sense of these hints of deep happiness within the glimpses of your experience? They come when you have allowed yourself to experience any experience from within the innocence of your faint, but insistent courage. This is the true you being the pure experience. This is you being Khalsa.