The Mantra (Part I)


When you’re longer the witness, no longer holding out for a peek to see if you’re okay, you’re in the moment. You are okay to the nth degree. Unaware of all that you might ‘not’ be, you are simply employing life-force (Prana) as a means of being who you are. The perfect mantra for this condition is: I am who I am, that is that. All that you are becomes merely what you are. All that you are engaged in becomes simply engaged. You are experiencing the experience without the need for a witness to witness the experience the experience. You don’t require anything to justify or verify you, or confirm anything other than the experience of your existence.

This is what yogis call a state of grace. It can come from having complete confidence, or from extreme simplicity of deep trust. The word confidence is Latin and ‘con’ means with, while ‘fidence’ means faith. Faith is a subject that has no object. It is never faith in something. It is simple, it is just faith.

This confidence allows for many things, including the experience of life to be that of living the experience. It is when you have the experience of joy without needing an explanation of a reason, or when you experience love and require no justification for the experience. You thereby disallow any doubts from becoming the witness to your experience and there is no disruption to the joy of your love. This is the pure existence having a pure experience. This known in Sanskrit as ‘Khalsa.’