the light of tomorrow


High power electron microscopes have revealed crystal structures in your DNA and many other crystal formations throughout your body, particularly the brain, spine, heart, hands and feet. They all transmit the light through your life --  extremely evident in the brain, where these crystals have formed mirrors inside lenses inside prisms; mirrors inside mirrors; prisms inside prisms; lenses inside lenses and on and on and on. The lengths and combinations of these permutations affect every brain, spine, heart transaction and thereby determine the nature of your thoughts, opinions, attitudes, and conclusions as well as your heartfelt dreams. The hands and feet affect all of this with your every action. In nature there are no straight lines except in minerals. Your earliest incarnations took place in this mineral kingdom as you learned to be solid and straight. Your final lives as mineral were as transparent crystals -- a world of total clarity and exactness. From inside your crystals comes the light of tomorrow, retained and transmitted through the moments of yesterday, into the time of right now. The beauty of right now is that it is right now . . . there are no other moments that contain any life. When you invest energy in the times that do not contain life, it's like fertilizing a stone . . . nothing grows. History and the future do contain key intuitive values however -- as the light passes through each of these stages, it registers the record of its journey . . . history becomes great learning and the future is not indelible . . . it can be guided. You don't erase history, but you can alter its impressions, which alters its impact on the present and future. You can erase future history and rewrite it entirely . . . all of this is working with light, and the course of light can be altered. This is why a place of prayer is called an alter. Our prayer is that you work with the crystalline course of your light; alter it's course to suit your prayers with your mirrors, prisms and lenses; blend it and paint with it like the artist you are; design the life that your best dreams have dreamt . . . it's the crystal authority in your DNA . . . feel free to use it freely.