The Key To Our Existence Is Balance - The Balance Point Is The Center of the Universe


Half the universe is yin, yin is the great mystery, yin is the feminine. In every yoga class in the universe, seventy percent of the class or more attendees are women and that’s because women relate more to what is not related to and they have also been told their entire lives, why are you so emotional? Why are you so dramatic? Why are you so unpredictable? Why can’t you get a grip? That is a man asking a woman to be a man because the masculine energy must calculate, calibrate, analyze and attach and it is essential that we have that half of the universe it’s just not very wise to make that half the whole because if that half becomes the whole then that whole becomes a hole, a black hole and it sucks the whole thing back into itself and starts all over again. The key in our existence is balance and that balance point is to be in the center of this universe, this cosmos between the known and the analytical and the unknown and the mysterious . . . to be equally at ease with the known and the unknown. In this condition, to ask for safety is the most dangerous request. Safety is an illusion . . . safety is a state of consciousness. Safety is not a condition. Now because even women in today’s world have been raised in a masculine setting, my God, even God is a father and this is an impossibility because this God who is the father gave birth to the universe. Fathers don’t give birth. If God is the father the universe died a long time ago and it is not the woman’s ability to compete with a man because competition is a male orientation. Competition is a special orientation. Time is compatibility. It’s a puzzle. It’s a mandala that must be resolved. How do you measure time? You measure time with incalculables, intangibles. It’s a good time, it’s a bad time, it’s a long time, it’s not enough time. These are not measurable because anything that measures whether it’s too much or not enough is measuring something from the past . . . the time that has already existed and time that already existed no longer exists. It’s now a concept. It’s a construct of the brain and the brain is masculine. That which has been gifted to you to be involved with, the present living moment, is your heart and the heart is feminine.