The Intricate Reasons for All Life


The extinction of anything is devastating to everything. To develop higher consciousness; to achieve your highest awareness; to perceive the core connections of everything, everywhere -- is a journey that travels through millions of incarnations; experiences existences at countless levels, all to find the reason for life in every form. Just as beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, the reason for existence is found in the experience of existence . . . the reason for living is within the life that’s alive. Your consciousness journeys through millions of possibilities of life -- all to gain a sensitivity; a perspective, and the acceptance of all life. There’s an authority that’s achieved at the end of this journey; an authority that allows you to track the history of your experiences and find inspiration. This authority comprehends the purpose of diversity, and the connections in polarity . . . it provides true guidance in every moment. This is the authority of compassion . . . the ability to experience the experience of another’s existence at the moment of their experience. This authority arrives because you’ve been there  . . . you’ve been everywhere. Raising your consciousness allows access to this vast memory, and to experience another’s experience. To experience another’s experience brings immediate recognition, instant connection with peace and love. This peace, connection and love -- over time -- allows sharing to spread abundance and prosperity. This is why the extinction of anything is so devastating to everything. It removes an entire series of experiences, erases angles of recognition, and once any of this is extinguished from possibility, the ability is gone from history. At a quantum level -- near the level of the soul -- time is just a perspective . . . it’s not real. What happens in this moment, happens in every moment, and that which is gone from now, is simultaneously gone from forever . . . as if it never existed. The experience gained is erased. With every extinction, everything loses. Our prayer is that you understand the intricate reasons for all life; that you champion preservation, and inspire it with compassion.