The Interpretation of Our Observations


We identify the experience of our existence through the interpretation of our observations. Then, we register this interpretation to memory and store it away for future response. This cycle repeats itself with new interpretations of new observations with new responses waiting for the next moment. All of this is stored to be recalled, as we live as an identity of an opinion of our experience of the observation of our experience within our existence.

These observations, interpretations and memories shape our view. They define our purpose, process and preferences. Eventually, the memory begins to override the accuracy of our interpretations, and we end up misreding what is actually happening – but, we cannot be convinced of this in the slightest.

We are constantly moving – from the presentation of all this information (the present) to our interpretations (the past) and our projections (the future). Our presentation is measured by the physical world – the finite potential – whereas our projection is measured by the mental world, i.e. the infinitely possible.

Out of all this there are very few component you can manage, and then master, where the mixture and ratios determine the quality of life. One of them is how to interpret your observations, and the other is the ratio between between how much of the “infinitely possible” you employ within your “finite potential.”

The more “infinitely possible” you push into the mix, the more push back and unpredictable adventure you receive. On the other hand, the more “finite potential” you use the less push back and more safety and predictability you receive.

Remember that safety can also become dangerous, because it brings stagnation, which leads to frustration and emotional outbursts. If you prefer fulfillment mix our life moderately in favor of adventure, and you will be rewarded with gentle, graceful and unexplained joys as you progress consistently towards mastery.