The Inhales and Exhales of Life


Every moment is experienced in the microcosm of your breathing. Every breath is completely new; every moment is completely reborn within the breath. Inspiration means ‘in-spirit’ -- it’s rebirthing into the new and unfamiliar. If you require safety, if you need it to be obvious in the foreground, then you will bring old memory into the moment and not experience the newness. You'll experience desperation -- which means ‘without spirit’ without rebirthing. You have a choice at the moment with each inhale . . . inspiration or desperation, or some combination of the two, and life becomes the accumulation of these choices. Life has a natural sense of security stored in the background, but when you require safety in the foreground, you bring in desperation . . . old familiarities obscure this natural security and no matter how much safety is provided, you’ll always experience fear. Evolution, for survival reasons, has caused life to become the combination of ‘this fear, and its need for safety’. This common modern lifestyle is referred to as: “being on top of things,” but it’s without inspiration -- eventually it’s only desperate. It’s choices that you’ve made . . . these choices accumulate . . . they’re contained within the life-view that you experience and express. Every exhale contains the expressions of these choices -- the ones you’ve been making on your inhales. This forms the microcosm of your life -- inhales and exhales -- experiences and expressions . . . on and on . . . one breath after another. All of this is stored in the subconscious and ultimately becomes automatic. This is why your experience and your expressions are so vital. Our prayer is that you clear your subconscious, just like you take a shower in the morning; make life new with unfamiliarity and inspiration -- add positive memories -- experience the adventure and enjoy the natural security . . . now you'll “be on top of the world.”