The Infinite You


In order for growth and health to exist on Earth, peace and harmony must persist on Earth. In order for peace and harmony to persist on Earth, acceptance of the moment and tolerance for the moments to come must prevail. This presents the acceptance of vast differences . . . this is the new way of life. In 1817 there were a billion people on Earth -- today there are seven and a half billion. We’ve upgraded all the physical infrastructures to accommodate this, but there’s been no upgrading of the psycho-emotional infrastructure whatsoever. This is not natural, whenever there’s a population explosion, there must be a psycho-emotional transformation to accommodate it. This happened seven and a half million years ago when the population explosion was the great apes, which had been developing for twenty million years. It overwhelmed the available resources. They began standing up -- this changed the brain, and the view of available solutions in a new third dimension.

This time the massive population explosion is the humans. The sublimation is arriving on the tension, pressure, stress, and friction that everyone’s experiencing throughout the world. The unconscious reaction to this is to blame someone, or something. That’s what’s happening on political levels and the ‘unconscious’ ones are following this “lead”. Your task is to face this dilemma and discover a new evolution . . . the next sublimation stage is available. This is the way of nature; the natural rhythms of life, and humans must now mimic the rest of the animal and plant kingdoms. The advent of ‘free-will’ that evolved out of the fourth dimension of time, has separated humans from the rhythms of nature. Returning to these rhythms is essential -- they contain the peace, harmony, growth and health required for this moment to persist without a huge population collapse. You can feel it in your bones -- that glimmer of your purpose in this moment.

Our prayer is that you pay attention to this glimmer no matter how faint it is; that this becomes your power and your lifestyle supports it. You are the new evolution, no matter how strange this seems . . . this is the infinite ‘you’ emerging in you.

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