The Infinite Nature of Innocence


Life travels in tribes throughout incarnations to locate each other on the various planets throughout the megaverses. You befriend each other; marry each other; give birth to each other; are born from each other, or fight each other . . . over and over, through lifetimes. This is family -- it’s familiar – and sometimes it’s because of each other that there’s growth, and sometimes it’s in spite of each other. The animals amongst your lives are often those in the tribe who've graduated, and liberated from the need to reincarnate . . . angelic forces that come from the other side where you came from before your birth. In some lifetimes they come to you on the planet to assist with your assignment, and in other lifetimes they chase after you to guide you through times of great challenge when you’re completely off course. This is all part of a divine equation that rolls over and over in patterns of cosmic-geometry throughout the entire creation . . . not limited to this Earth. The animals that come from liberation to be your pets, they can sleep in your dreams, and guide you through the days with their innocence. When your animals sleep in your dreams . . . they see themselves being just as you. Not acting just like you, but acting as the destiny held in your soul. In their dreams, they lose all physical differentiation. They’re often enlightened ones that've advanced far beyond your imagination, then sometimes their just a tribal member taking on this animal life to get closer than close in the ways only a pet can. They're here to serve the collective destiny of the tribe, and as such they guide many through the subtle angles of their querks to affect clearing or awakening.

The only way they can get so close in a physical lifetime is to be one of the animals that can surround you at any moment and jump onto your lap, even when you don’t call.

Our prayer is that you look at your animals, and all animals from cats, to crows, to cows, quite differently from now on; see into their eyes and acknowledge the infinite surrender that their constantly embracing . . . then embrace this infinite nature of innocence . . . it will rub off on you, and that’s a very good thing.

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